EReg members

All together, the Members of EReg have considerable expert knowledge of vehicle and driver licensing. They proactively seek to share that knowledge to enhance common understanding and good practice. Topics such as improving public services by registration authorities or preventing and combatting vehicle crime and fraud are addressed in specialized EReg Topic Groups as well as during the EReg Annual Conference and other fora. The members also provide information about the situation in their country via the Vehicle Chain in Europe  and the EReg Newsletters, for example. Next to that, EReg members are contributing to mutual understanding and knowledge about the different countries by hosting the EReg Events. As practitioners, the Members of EReg support their national representatives in the international institutions (like the EU) by commenting on European draft legislation.

The Chairman and the Secretariat

EReg Secretariat


The Chairman, Mr Servi BECKERS, and the EReg Secretariat managed by Ms Gera ARTS, coordinate the activities of the Association. They are supported by the Advisory Board.

The responsibilities of the Chairman and the Secretariat include communication, organisation of meetings, management of the finances, coordination of and assistance to the EReg Topic Groups, contact to organisations wishing to join EReg, relations with interested countries and organizations, with the European Parliament, the European Commission and other (umbrella) organisations, as well as identifying and monitoring developments within the European Union, according to the provisions of the EReg Working Plan as approved by the General Meeting.