About us

The Association of European Vehicle and Driver Registration Authorities (EReg) is a European cooperation dealing with subjects concerning registration and documentation of vehicles and drivers. As of 25th of April 2012, EReg is incorporated as an international non-profit making association (Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif, AISBL) under Belgium Law. 

The main objective of EReg is to bring together the European Registration Authorities to be able to:

  1. Share knowledge, experience and good practices
  2. Identify, follow and influence European developments and regulations
  3. Take initiatives aimed at improving the performance of tasks by the members as European partners
  4. Establish exchange and cooperation arrangements with relevant other parties
  5. Promote effective and efficient data exchange

The EReg Association is based upon voluntary cooperation between national registration authorities concerning important developments and opportunities in their work and competence fields. Shared interests and visions are the key principles in this cooperation.

The structure of EReg includes the General Meeting, the Chairman and the Secretariat, an Advisory Board  and several EReg Topic Groups. The structure of EReg is laid down in the Articles of Incorporation. The association comprises full members and observers, whereof full members shall have the legal status of central vehicle registration or driver registration authority in their country.